5 Tips for a Successful Photoshoot with Your Child


5 Tips for a Successful Photoshoot with Your Child

1. Be Patient!

This can be hard as 9 out of 10 times your child will be tired of taking photos 10 minutes into the session! They are use to 1 or maybe 2 minutes of staying still while you point your camera phone at them daily. Now you’re asking them to do the same thing for a complete stranger. Let them roam around a bit in their new environment. Take a couple breaks during the session and don’t get frustrated when they clam up for 5 minutes. Their cute little cheeks might be sore from smiling so much.

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2. Get Candid Shots

Years from now, you will want to remember and see your child in their most natural and least posed state. Maybe they hold their hand or head in a special way that you won’t see when they’re pose. Distract your kid with their favorite game. Take the focus off the weird lady or man with the camera. Playing Games like Peek a Boo or singing a song that makes them laugh is great! If you can play the song on your cell phone even better.

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3. Kneel down to Their Level

When we were kids, did you remember how excited we would get when we saw an adult crouch down to our level. There was just something about a grown up entering into our world. For photos it’s always great to see that excitement on a child’s face.

4. Bring Props

If your child lights up every time they see a basketball or cupcakes, make that apart of your shoot! Use it in the shoot or have your photographer place it near them so your child will look in the right direction when posing is necessary.

5. If all Else Fails BRIBE THEM!

You know what your child likes! Candy… TV… Sports… Do what you have to do! =)

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