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A Seat at the Table | Bred & Butter of Tampa, Florida

BredxButter specializes in coordinating intimate dinners for any occasion. Based in Tampa, Florida, BredxButter has the ability to turn any venue from drab to “OMG! Where am I?!?” 

The owners of Bred & Butter saw a void in the city that needed filling. Just a small peek into one of my most treasured business ventures. I have a team like no other! BredXButter mission is to cultivate connections over cuisine, culture and conversations.  BredxButter tagline is  goes a step further than just hosting brunches, lunches and dinners! They also spark and encourage enlightening conversations.

I had the awesome opportunity to shoot one of their events, “A Seat at the Table” and at this event in particular, there were conversation starters tucked neatly in each one of the attendee’s napkins. These weren’t Basic Questions, they were questions about their Goals, Aspirations, and Careers.

One of the main initiatives of BredxButter is to hire and offer exposure for black owned businesses in the Tampa Bay Area. The Chef for the night, Taste of Gourmet, served a beautiful 5 course meal that the guest All Loved and it was held at Club 1828 in Tampa. Florida. We also got to listen to the Sultry voice and sounds from @Khalea_Lynee and @Griggly_bear

For the everyday Socialite, BredxButter is an awesome addition to the Tampa Bay community . For more information visit them HERE!


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