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Hale Koa Hotel in Waikiki Honolulu, Hawaii Cindy and Anit

This was my first Destination Wedding so you know I was totally stoked when Alexis (Aquas Images) Shared this Bride with me! We had an awesome time shooting this couple and to my pleasant surprise the Bride and Groom were from different background. The Bride was Korean and the Groom was Indian! It was a beautiful Union at a beautiful location!

2017 BEST Medical Summer Academy in Tampa Florida

The 2017 BEST Medical Summer Academy in Tampa Florida ran by Dr. Frederick was a smash hit this past summer and I was just happy I got to document the magic. These little future doctors enjoyed rotating throughout the Tampa General Hospital and listening to David Farrow at the 2017 Brain Bowl- The Memory Competition. The students sat in on Lectures and dissected real organs with the guidance of volunteering doctors.