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Preparing for a Wedding Show – Ashley Canay at MunaLuchi’s MunaLove Affair

I had the amazing opportunity to showcase my work at MunaLuchi’s Bridal Show this past weekend. The MunaLove Affair took place at the Luxmore Grande Estate in Orlando, Florida. While everything turned out GREAT, I still had ONE issue! I didn’t know WHAT I needed and Where to get it from! With this being my second wedding show, I felt a little ill-prepared. But after talking to a couple of my mentors Chip Dizard and Teshorn Jackson, I took some of their suggestions, […]

The Journey to My Leap of Faith | Ashley Canay

Creative, Creative, Creative… My career path survey in middle school always rendered the same results. I fell under the “CREATIVE” category. Then on the back of the Career Path Survey, there would be a Salary Graph and THERE was “Creative” the lowest salary on the graph. Nobody wants to be the lowest salery. I’d be sitting there thinking to myself… “Creative???… that’s not a job, Ashley it’s a hobby. And WHY isn’t my score leaning towards the veterinarian side? I […]