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Ophir Purity Program | Tharren Jae Lifestyle Photoshoot in Tampa, Fl.

Just recently I got the opportunity to take portraits of this young lady Tharren Jae. Before graduating from USF she created a program for college students that acted as a spiritual home-away-from-home. She calls it the Ophir purity program and has since expanded out from Florida to Georgia. The more she told me about the program the more I wanted to know and share with you all. Take a read!

​The Ophir Purity Program seeks to empower young men and women to live uncompromised lifestyles through The Word of God, focusing on purity and modesty. Ophir is a community that helps equip young people in fighting common battles/tempations by providing safe environments, tools, resources, advice, healthy relationships, and teaching while growing closer to God.

What sparked your interest in creating the Ophir Purity program?
Ophir was definitely a God-given gift because it was everything I didn’t know that I needed. It was nothing I would have chosen on my own to do as far as speaking and leading. It was God’s way of reminding me that even the things we have struggled with can be used to glorify Him if we don’t give up.

Who has been the most influential person in creating the Ophir Purity program?
I originally thought that Ophir was something that had to do with me and others who were just like me but I realized that it wasn’t. My mother was influential in me understanding what the purpose of Ophir was. Oftentimes people struggle to live a lifestyle of purity because they don’t fully know their true worth or identity. My mom has always been really open about her past mistakes and lessons learned. So when I think of Ophir and those who we come into contact with, I think about my mom and what her younger self needed to hear: that God had a plan for her, she was loved, and that He thought the world of her even when she didn’t think the same.

What has been your most rewarding experience?
The most rewarding experience since the creation of Ophir was our 1 year celebration. We hosted our very first purity ceremony and it was a beautiful celebration of young women who created vows and shared them in an intimate space with family and friends.

What was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in creating the Ophir Purity Program?
My biggest obstacle that I had to overcome in creating Ophir was myself because I had a huge fear of speaking in front of and leading other people.

Where is this program offered and how can others become apart of OphirPurity Program?
Our program is currently offered in both Georgia and Florida. For those who would like to join Ophir Purity Program, you can shoot us an email at
You can also follow us on instagram @ophirpurityprogram and Facebook to join our online community and to be on the lookout for upcoming events.

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