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The Journey to My Leap of Faith | Ashley Canay

Creative, Creative, Creative…

My career path survey in middle school always rendered the same results. I fell under the “CREATIVE” category. Then on the back of the Career Path Survey, there would be a Salary Graph and THERE was “Creative” the lowest salary on the graph. Nobody wants to be the lowest salery.

I’d be sitting there thinking to myself… “Creative???… that’s not a job, Ashley it’s a hobby. And WHY isn’t my score leaning towards the veterinarian side? I love Aninal Planet! Quick change your answers before the teacher picks them up!” (-_-)

Looking back, I think I was just in love with the imagery of Animal Planet… not the ACTUAL animals. Makes sense now.


My parents never discouraged me from pursuing ANY of my dreams. In fact, they’d always been my biggest supporters. So why did I find it extremely difficult to tell them I wanted to become a full time photographer?

Simple RAW answer. I was scared! Scared of their reaction, Scared I would lose their Support, Scared they would think it’s Silly, and finally Scared that I would fail.

SHOOT! It’s HARD telling your parents you feel like you’re on the “right track” to nowhere. Especially, when they’re the ones who have guided you all your life.

I’ve weathered through 2 careers before now. Both resulted in me sitting in the parking lot fighting back tears… and sometimes I just cried. I’d crank up my Gospel music, remind myself to be thankful for even having a job, and go back in that mug (place) like everything was A-OKAY!

I was told these emotions/feelings were  normal and nobody “likes” going to work so I should just accept it.

So I did.

From the outside looking in, I had just got a new job, I bought a home, AND I still did photography and videography… on the side. Livin the Dream Huh!?
Wellll… I had slipped into depression. 

Let me tell you, depression is a REAL thing. Just as real as influenza or diabetes. I refused to take medicine for it as I was already poppin’ melatonin like skittles; to help me go to sleep.

After praying about the situation over a long period of time, I had this OVERWHELMING feeling that God had me covered. I told my mom and  eventually my dad (lol!) I wanted to become a fulltime photographer. I was met with a little push back but that was expected. They are my parents… but they STILL support me.

I say ALL of this to say don’t let fear keep you from leaping. No matter what you are having a battle with BIG or small, don’t let fear win.

Photos by DioBurto Photography

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