Tampa! summer 2020

Thank you so much for coming to purchase my photo-book! I have taken thousands of photos documenting the events that took place during the Summer of 2020 in Tampa, Florida.

This photo-book has 50 pages of photos and is only an overview taken while out in the streets of Tampa. 

Along with your purchase of the physical book, you will receive a link to access the digital gallery that I have curated and organized by myself. There, you will be able to order prints for your home.

If you would like to have a preview of the book, Please check my instagram.

Small 8x8 hardback
Large 10x10 hardback

My prints start at $75 and go up from there.

photo book sale

1 50 page photo book

link to digital gallery 

downloadable websized photos

enlarged photo available for purchase

what you will receive

Tampa! summer 2020

photo book sale


black history month sale 25% OFF

Large - 10X10 HARD COVER 325 |  243.75
Small - 8X8 HARD COVER 225 | 168.75

shipping is included.
you should receive your book between 5-10 business days